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Jonathan's Story

Board of Health Proposal **UPDATE June 27th 2013: The Foundation is continuing the fight with the NYC Board of Health to improve the safety of NYC's public pools. On April 12th, 2013, the Foundation presented to the full Board of Health our petition for the Board's consideration and vote. This petition was submitted in furtherance of our mission to raise awareness of Shallow Water Blackout in order to prevent accidental drownings. Specifically, the petition asks the Board to create an administrative rule (which has the same impact as a law or regulation) that would require preventative signage to be displayed at all NYC public pools. The required signage would warn patrons about the dangers of underwater breath holding and inform patrons that such activity is banned in NYC public pools. WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that the Board of Health has accepted the Foundation's proposal and has initiated the rulemaking process proposing an amendment to section 165 of the NYC Health Code that would drastically improve the safety of NYC's public pools - you can read more about it in the attachment above. This is a significant victory and many thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout this process. The next steps for this rule to be enacted is a public comment period which will close August 9th, 2013 and ultimate approval by the Board which we expect will happen on September 10th, 2013.

At its core our mission is simple - to keep Jonathan's memory, dreams and goals alive.  To learn more about Jonathan and his story please visit our page
Jonathan's story

Our goal is to further this mission by being active in our local community and serving those in need.  We believe that ordinary people can make a difference by setting aside time to volunteer to serve others.