Jonathan had a unique impact on everyone that got to know him.  We wanted to share some of our memories and stories with you.  If you would like to add your story or memory please do so below, submit your story and we will review the story and post it as soon as possible.

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Jonathan was a man of incredible character and unwavering faith who showed everyone he met a seemingly unlimited amount of compassion and love.  For me, Jonathan was my best friend, closest confidant and beloved brother.  Jonathan was at the same time probably my biggest fan and yet biggest challenger / motivator always pushing me to seek the plan God has for my life.

Losing Jonathan was incredibly difficult.  I will never forget standing in my office, noticing a voicemail on my cell phone, retrieving that voicemail and placing a call that would change my life forever.  On the other end was a nurse named MaryAnn who told me Jonathan was a patient at the Richmond University Medical Center and there was an accident in the pool.  Come as quick as you can, she said, Jonathan is in critical condition.  At that moment I entered the darkest, most challenging and by far most painful period of my life.       

If you know our family you know the story.  If not, let me share it with you.  Jonathan was training to join the Air Force's pararescue unit to fulfill his dream of being able to serve Christ and his country.  The Air Force Pararescure's motto is "So That Other's May Live".  Jonathan thought that was so cool, being a warrior - strong, brave, and deadly - yet using those skills to save others who were trapped, wounded or missing on the battlefield.  Jonathan often talked about how he looked forward to jumping out of a plane to parachute in for a rescue and while tending to the persons wounds to share the Gospel with them - saving lives while saving lives.  

Jonathan trained relentlessly to meet his goal and on the morning of July 13th he and a few buddies went to Lyon's pool on Staten Island to run, do their usual push up / sit up routine and perform underwater exercises required to prepare for the Pararescue exam.  While performing these exercises Jonathan suffered from Shallow Water Blackout.  After being pulled from the water by his friends Jonathan was resuscitated by the lifeguards and eventually EMS and transported to Richmond University Medical Center.

Back to my story, walking into the hospital room and seeing my sister crying is a moment I will never forget.  Whatever we were doing earlier that day, whatever our plans were for the future - everything was on hold as we entered the toughest battle we have ever faced as a family.

The next five days were, in my opinion, filled with miracles and testimonies of God's faithfulness that there is not enough room on the page to list them all.  Suffice to say that I saw God working through our friends, family, fellow Church members and even the hospital staff to bless, comfort and strengthen us throughout each and every day.  As painful as those days were, I cherish each and every moment I got to spend with my brother in those hospital rooms and count that time as a blessing from God.

All that said; the heart of Jonathan's story does not have much to do with anything that happened between July 13th and July 17th 2011.  I believe that the heart of Jonathan's story, and what we hope to carry on through this Foundation, is his unashamed faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

Jonathan's story is one of transformation and the healing power of God.  In those hospital rooms I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to heal Jonathan, to raise him out of the bed and to have just one last conversation, one last hug, even one last fight.  Yet on July 17th, 2011 I walked out of Cornell Medical Center having to say goodbye to Jonathan. 

I was praying for the miracle and healing I wanted but before it was over I realized that God had already delivered the miracle and healing Jonathan needed most.  Several months before the accident Jonathan underwent a radical transformation and made a decision to live his life for Jesus Christ.  In Church speak we would say he was saved.  I watched Jonathan change every last detail of his life.  His attitude, his actions, the things he drank and places he went - if it was not pleasing to God, Jonathan would just not be a part of it.

I believe it was no coincidence that Jonathan made this decision just a few months before his accident; just in the nick of time.  During those long nights in the hospital and painful days afterwards I truly felt that God was saying to me Ben, you don't need to pray for healing because Jonathan has already been healed and you do not have to pray that Jonathan defeats death for I have already defeated it for him and the only thing left for your brother is the only thing that really matters - the promise of eternal life.

Having that knowledge through faith, for me personally, gave me hope and strength in my time of greatest weakness, it brought light that shined through the most unimaginable darkness and it calmed the stormiest seas.  Hope through faith is a powerful thing in a time of despair. 

Because of Jonathan's faith I believe without a doubt that he is in heaven right now at this very moment experiencing unimaginable joy.  I pray that I can have a fraction of Jonathan's courage, strength and conviction so that one day when this life comes to pass I can see him again.  

If you made it this far, I hope that Jonathan's story and his impact on my life had blessed you.  As a proud older brother I feel compelled to share this story with you and through it I hope that Jonathan even after death can have an impact on your life the way he impacted mine.  Jonathan would want you to know that no matter your past or present circumstances or how complex your problems may seem that there is a God who loves you, a God who sent his Son to this earth to die for you - without him we as sinners were lost and through him we each have the opportunity to experience the gift of eternal life. 

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Jonathan was our dear cousin that we loved very much. He was the one who carried us on his shoulders. The one who always sat on the floor and played a game with us. Jon Jon as we both called him was the cousin with the strongest muscles, the one with the biggest smile, the one with our daddy's name and the cousin that made us smile and laugh. .

The one who put our dolls beds together, the one who helped out at our school gym. The cousin who picked up both of us at the same time without any concerns. Jonathan was the cousin who was our personal lifeguard at the beach. We watched him bodysurf and he was amazing. He was the one who never said no to us. Jonathan was the fun guy to be around. We miss you very much Cousin Jonathan. Hugs and kisses to you in Heaven.

I remember the day Mitch called me. I could hear the anxiety in his voice, he's NEVER anxious. He didn't tell me much but all I knew is was Jon was in the pool and had an accident and he was going to the hospital and I had to go. We prayed right there on the phone before anything. The next 5 days consisted of nothing but prayer, fasting, song, tears, hugs, at points just silence, and comforting one another. I remember transferring hospitals and going to the city.

The faithfulness that everybody had to Jon and the Proce family was the comfort of Jesus. A lot of us never met each other before, but Jon brought us all together. Pastors would come hour after the hour with prayers and words for everybody. Parents would come and bring food because they knew none of us wanted to leave. People offered to bring clothes to the Proce's. Churches would have vigils for Jon. The hospital was gracious enough and brought us pillows and blankets and allowed us to sleep there. I remember us taking turns sitting outside the door staying up at night praying for Jon. All night long there was somebody there. The amount of incense that rose to heaven those days was relentless. And the song, oh the songs. I remember we would sit in the room the hospital gave us and for hours at a time just sing. We wouldn't quit, wouldn't grow weary. There was no instrument or background CD. Just the sound of voices, hopeful voices, hurting voices, beautiful voices. Sometimes Mama and Papa Proce would let us go at Jon's bedside and sing. We would have to take turns because the room at max could get 15-20 people in there. And we would sing, hymns of old, songs of healing, songs of the heart, all in one accord. And the stories we would tell of his life. Jon was such a character haha. But there was two things he loved, God, and people. he was never shy about his God and his love. I remember the day came where we got the results of all the testing, Papa Proce called everybody to the room, we sat there in the silence and all you could hear was the wind coming in and out the door. We stared at him as he told us he went with Jesus. I have never seen strength like Papa Proce had that day. And I remember in the midst of it all he kept saying was "Keep Going, Love God, Don't give up, this is what Jon would have wanted, this is what Jon's life and legacy is. Though they groaned on the inside, the were not offended by God's decision. I am forever in admiration of them. Hard to swallow but we all heard him, and he stared at us, Jon's friends, and said "you guys, the younger ones, I wanna say to you, stay strong, don't ever give up on God because he will never give up on you. You gotta keep going in God, don't quit, it's worth it, it's worth it." These pages can't contain the things that happened in those five days, This is my "I Remember". I know that God never failed us, all of our prayers were answered in the end, in Jonathan received the ultimate healing of going to a place where there is no more tears, no more pain and where he stands before his God face to face cheering us all on to run this race and to continue to fight the good fight of faith so that we just like Jon can fulfill the calling on our lives. Let his light and legacy live on for others to follow.